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Powered by Plants was created with the goal of educating the world about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.  Change the way you eat.  Change your life.  Change the world.

Bonnie Millerr is a California native and has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and is working toward becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Both of Bonnie’s parents are cancer survivors and the hope of stopping disease in its tracks is what initially motivated her to change to a plant based diet.  Bonnie’s commitment to a plant based lifestyle was further cemented during her yoga teacher training in which she was educated about the ethical and environmental implications of using animals as food.  Bonnie is a self-described exercise fanatic and has truly been transformed by adopting a plant based diet.  Bonnie hopes that by educating more people on the amazing benefits of getting powered by plants there will be less disease and less strain on the health care system as well as a reduced impact on the ecosystem of our planet.  

Robert Betz was born and raised in Miami and has been living on the Westside of Los Angeles for 10 years.  He is a certified personal trainer and loves to help others achieve optimal health.  Robert lost his mother to breast cancer when he was 16 years old and wants to spread the message about adopting a plant based diet in order to prevent others from losing loved ones to disease.  Robert has completed the Los Angeles Marathon twice, the San Francisco half marathon, and multiple triathlons all on a plant based diet. Robert has always wanted to live his life helping others and spreading the word about how to get powered by plants is yet another way that he can help people live a happier healthier life.


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