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Trash Sucks! Bay Street Beach Cleanup

Yesterday our sweet friends Laina and Jacob were kind enough to host the inaugural Bay Street Beach Cleanup and Powered by Plants joined in on the action. We had an awesome group down at our home beach kicking some trash ass! The amount of trash that had built up was truly astonishing but I think we were able to make a real dent. The cleanup was followed by an amazing all vegan brunch and lots of good conversation about the environment. It was definitely the start of something amazing!

Bay Street Mafia, Powered by Plants, and Friends! We picked up LOTS of trash.


Trash on trash on trash. Some of the most prevalent items were cigarette butts, straws, and junk food wrappers.


Sorting through...I think we needed a rake for this pile.


Crump's fence.


Luca was our youngest environmentalist! Such a trooper.


Robert and Stephen acting natural.


Alex crushing that evil trash! (Don't worry, she has shoes on)


Brunch time! Fruit kabobs!


Some of the amazing vegan spread. I won't admit how many pieces of Laina's French toast I ate.


A HUGE thank you to Laina for organizing this awesome Bean Cleanup aka Beach Cleanup! ;)

We can't wait to do it again!


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